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One More Week With Travel

It’s now been seven weeks since I’ve been on a bike on the road. Not a sunny day goes by where I do not yearn to get back out there on the road. This is the bane of waiting for bone fractures to heal properly. Medically, they say I should be fine in eight weeks, […]
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Night Rider With Scooter

So, finally got my new Honda NSS125. After over a year of deliberating on which scooter, this is it. I’m very happy with it so far and do not see myself upgrading to a bigger engine. I get nearly 120 mpg and it has enough horsepower for highways. Comfortable enough for touring long distances and […]
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Guide For Horse Insurance

Owning a horse is not a luxury everyone can have. However, for those who can, it is not an easy deal as it comes with major responsibilities. One of the most important responsibilities is that of ensuring your horse, horse rider and other investments you may have had to make for your horse(s). Investing in […]
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Shoring Up Foundations Against Damage

Construction projects come in many sizes and can be as simple as adding a room onto a house, or as large as building an office high rise. Whatever the job calls for there are times when the unpredictable can alter the direction of a development and it becomes necessary to work around or through the […]