Economic Crisis

Businesses in Bloom Amidst Economic Crisis

There are many new businesses to put up even in these times. It may sound contrarian but actually putting up a business during a downturn may make sense. First and foremost, as someone looking for rental space or land, it is your market and you can negotiate for better options and better terms. One of the businesses you can get into is logistics and warehousing. There are many old warehouses that may have be up for lease. By negotiating on a long term lease, you can lease one of these warehouses and then subdivide the insides for you to have more room for self storage. By creating mini warehouses in that warehouse, you can earn an income of five times what you pay for at the very least. Be sure to create sub space and utilize roll up garage doors for the other storage spaces. These roll up garage doors may be purchased second hand to save on money and you can actually source them online and negotiate for the final sale price. If you are getting in volume, you may even get good trading terms.

Other businesses that may do well in this economy are repair shops. Especially when it comes to automobiles, these shops do well as people tend to have their cars fix to last longer than to purchase a brand new car. The key factor to setting up a repair shop is getting good people. Your chief mechanic or head mechanic should be someone you have confidence in and someone you can with some degree trust. An intimate knowledge about cars is also preferred. Those who get into this business have a passion for it and often times; the customer will see this passion and may be impressed by it.

Being in the service related industry like corporate communication and media relations is also on the upswing and if you have the right contacts or would want to start your own company, this may be a good time to do so. This company does not take a lot of capital and often times, those starting out work from their home and by themselves. They take on clients and these clients provide some temporary office space for them on an interim project. For the client, having this service outsourced is easier and is a lesser expense than hiring someone to work full time in the office.

Seeking and seizing opportunities are just some of the things you can do in this business scenario. Being able to service your client and customer may ensure you more business through repeat business or referrals.

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