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China Light Industry (Yuyao) Mold City is by the State Light Industry Bureau and Yuyao Municipal People’s Government of China jointly organized the first mold Industrial Park, Light Industry Bureau 95 for the state key project during the period, with a total planned area of 1,500 mu of land, plans a total investment of 10 billion yuan.China light industry

Die City, the ultimate goal is to build large-scale domestic manufacturing and processing center of the mold, mold design and development of the computer center, trading center mold material, mold equipment and accessories trading center, mold technical training, information service center, as well as commercial and residential areas, financial district, entertainment district, and many other integrated services and facilities, and through joint ventures, wholly-owned, cooperative operation and other management methods and means of introducing international advanced management experience in the mold industry, process technology and advanced equipment to form a more at home and abroad significant impact on mold a comprehensive manufacturing base.

China Light Industry Mold Town cornerChina light industry

Yuyao City, known as “township of plastic mold kingdom,” said its plastics industry and die industry enjoys a high reputation in China. Makes Efforts to Improve the city’s total plastic mold processing enterprises, and in Yuyao City formed a relatively concentrated in several areas. Yuyao mold to produce a low-cost, short processing cycle, process interoperability and are highly complementary, groups have obvious advantages, etc., well received by domestic and foreign customers. Plastic mold processing has become a mainstay of the city economy, industry, plastic mold processing industry in the city’s economic weight about the city’s industrial output value of 1 / 6, only to provide auto parts mold and plastic processing output value reached 100 million yuan or more. Yuyao total processing capacity of local injection had been accounted for in the 80 years of the national total of 1 / 4, plastic processing and mold making has always been complimentary and inseparable, we can see, mold quality, will have a direct impact on the merits of plastic products, The direct testing of plastic products is the most effective means of quality molds.

Yuyao is located in the economically developed Yangtze River Delta region, transportation is very convenient, Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway through the before, 1 hour to reach the Ningbo oak agency airport or Hangzhou airport. City, good infrastructure, major banks are now offering international settlement business, all kinds of services guests celebrate all directions. Mold is located in the north of China Plastic City, the city is a set of plastic raw materials trading, plastic products, and plastics processing business information exchange in one of the country’s largest plastic professional market, but with the mold Echoing the Far East Industrial City, City Planning, 220 hectares of land have already come to from Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Germany and other countries and regions of the nearly 50 companies invest and build factories here. In particular, Yuyao City, the municipal government to develop the economy from a strategic perspective, the implementation of China Plastic City, Die City, and Toy Town 3 Town linkage strategy, not only has the distinct characteristics of the local economy, and to make the industry chain advantages into full play. Mold City will work with China Plastic City, Yuyao Far East Industrial City, with a growth point of economic development, the three together play a mutual promotion and joint development of the role of the driving machinery, telecommunications, services, transportation, and other industries are also of great SignificanceChina light industry

At present, the mold at the National Light Industry Council and the city of Yuyao Municipal People’s Government under the care of a successful conclusion of the project to develop an area reached 13 million square meters, the introduction of enterprise 130. Among them, plastic mold manufacturing center in Zhejiang, the largest, which is invested by the State Light Industry Bureau 30 million yuan, the introduction of the United States, Australia, Germany, Japan and other places of advanced mold processing equipment and ancillary facilities, and the use of CAD / CAM / CAE Advanced technology, mold system

Making level has reached the domestic leading position in the national plastic mold industry, the backbone of the enterprise; mold manufacturing and processing area is now nearly a hundred companies, some of the large and medium enterprises for the domestic auto manufacturers produced a few large automobile molds, several small-scale or even micro-enterprise, with its exquisite craft and entrepreneurial spirit of hard work to complete the customer’s processing operations; the first phase of project, Zhejiang, the largest trading center of the mold material (covering 25 acres) has been put into use and continued expansion. Analysis from the industry association in 1998, the year the region Yuyao Plastic Mold Steel’s total trading volume accounting for about 1 / 4, trading volume reached 50,000 tons or more; Mold Equipment Trading Center has also been groundbreaking is expected to be completed by the end of 2000 to start.

Mold is the industrial base, industry, and its effectiveness is mainly reflected in the related industries and to promote the, by itself, increase input-output efficiency depends on the grade mold. Mold Town is completed, is expected to reach more than 2.5 billion yuan of industrial output value, and create profits of 3-5 million yuan, and strive to about 1 / 5 of the mold exports, about 1 / 5 of the mold with the domestic appliance package. We believe that the mold is completed the city will become the mold manufacturing and related industries an important base for the promotion of domestic mold industry, standardized management, and high-tech to make a significant contribution to the development.

On the occasion of Yuyao 99 ‘China Plastic City, the National Fair being held, Mold Town will hold “mini-investment briefings” and “new equipment, new technology, new materials,” talks and launched a series of investment projects, the implementation of preferential measures and incentives are welcome to come to discuss all kinds of enterprises and individuals visit.

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