One More Week With Travel

One More Week With Travel

It’s now been seven weeks since I’ve been on a bike on the road. Not a sunny day goes by where I do not yearn to get back out there on the road. This is the bane of waiting for bone fractures to heal properly. Medically, they say I should be fine in eight weeks, so that leaves me one more week. Yes!

One More Week With TravelMy knee is still swollen but only mildly. There are still niggles of discomfort moving my right arm but it’s functional. Will all this be sorted in a week? I really, really hope so.

On top of all of this, the weather is increasingly biker-friendly and there are oh so many places to see, roads to ride, places to visit, biker groups meeting up… I could go on. And I just have to settle for being the passenger in a 4-wheeled cage to get around while all of life moves by. Sigh.

But, I am grateful. I am alive. I am here. I am present.

Being still (or off the bike… same thing) for weeks on end has given me much pause for thought on the things which really bring me joy. Riding a motorised two-wheeler is right up there in the top three. What’s a woman to do but do what brings you joy?  I’ve also planned the purchase of extra protective gear and full body heating clothing for cooler days. I won’t be riding any faster than before and, for sure, I’ll be extra cautious. However, I’ve fantasised that these will make my riding experience even nicer.

I’ve mapped out a couple local runs and even an ambitious dash on the continent. I’m not sure I’ll have enough time for the latter but the locals are very do-able. Plus, there’s the Brighton Burn-Up and a few others similar I’m looking forward to.

One more week and it’s on, baby. Yeah!

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