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Resolve Bank Feeds System Exception Errors: [Step-By-Step Guide]

This article will assist you to resolve bank feeds machine exception mistakes, system.Argument.Exception and device.TypeInitializationException. these errors can pop up even as working on QuickBooks financial institution Feeds. Bank feeds errors is one of the most exception error which is easily and quickly solved by QuickBooks Support expert team.


You could get a couple of errors at the same time as operating or getting access to the financial institution Feeds middle. Following errors can pop to your screen:

Device.Argument.ExceptionSmiley Tonguearameter isn’t legitimate.



  • At gadget.Drawing.image.FromStream(stream circulation, Boolean useEmbeddedColorManagement, Boolean validateImageData)


  • at device.Drawing.picture.fromStream(stream circulate)
  • at gadget.windows.paperwork.PictureBox.Load()
  • at machine.home windows.bureaucracy.PictureBox.set_ImageLocation(String cost)
  • at OLB_ Workflow.UICtrl_OLBWorkflow.SetILogo(String strFILogoPath)




Device.ArgumentOutOfRange.Exception: Index became out of range.

The error can arise while:


  • broken payee, seller or rule


  • There are some special characters (!@#$%^&*) within the supplier or payee name.
  • A Microsoft factor hooked up in your device is having a few issues.




There are multiple methods to remedy this difficulty. even though there are possibilities that step one can also resolve the problem, or you could need to carry out all of the steps that allow you to clear up the equal. you’re recommended to perform the stairs inside the furnished series.

Solution 1: test vendor Names For special Characters



  • go to carriers > seller middle.


  • choose the default energetic dealer drop-down after which click on All companies.
  • check if the vendor name has any unique characters (!@#$%^&*), particularly the ampersand (&).
  • put off the special characters and rename “&” to “and”
  • shop modifications.




Solution 2: switch To The conventional (sign up) Mode


  • visit Edit > alternatives


  • select Checking and then navigate to the corporation preferences
  • From the bank Feeds segment, pick traditional Mode (sign up Mode).
  • pick out ok.




If you delivered/matched in traditional mode and didn’t obtain any blunders then because of this the difficulty isn’t with the financial institution but and a downloaded transaction or a broken rule, dealer/payee or Microsoft aspect may be the cause in the back of the error. In such conditions, proceed to solution 3.

Solution 3: Restart computer And try to get admission to bank announcement once more


  • near QuickBooks desktop.


  • Restart computer.
  • Open QuickBooks computer.
  • get admission to financial institution Feeds middle and try to open and download your bank declaration.




Solution 4: review The QBWin.log For mistakes Messages

at the same time as checking QBWin.log, test the maximum current entries. If there are some mistakes, you want to resolve records damage for your employer file.


Solution 5: restoration of Microsoft factor problems

restoration Microsoft .net Framework, MSXML, and C++ troubles the usage of the QuickBooks set up Diagnostic tool


Solution 6: solve QuickBooks Banking errors

discuss with solve bank Feeds problems and mistakes, together with OL and LSU mistakes for added answers.


Solution 7: Reinstall QuickBooks software

Reinstall the QuickBooks software the use of a clean install



You tried to connect to the financial institution Feeds and you get the following mistakes message:

“system.TypeInitializationException: the kind initializer for ‘OLB_Center.WPF.version.FIBluePrintParser’ threw an exception. —> gadget.UnauthorizedAccessException: access to the route ‘C: ProgramDataIntuitQuickBooks 2014componentsolbbrandingfilistfiblueprint.xml’ is denied.”

The problem can arise when the QuickBooks laptop couldn’t get right of entry to the fiblueprint.xml file because the permissions are restricted for this record. you can get this mistake in a Hosted Terminal offerings or Citrix environment.

Follow the underneath-cited steps with a view to following the mistake:

Solution 1: supply an appropriate person Permissions To The C: ProgramData Folder (With Subfolders And files).


  • Login with appropriate permissions


  • Navigate to the folder wherein the report is saved.
  • QuickBooks Pro/choicest/Accountant: C:ProgramDataIntuitQuickBooks 201Xcomponentsolbbrandingfilist



(word: replace the ‘X’ with the year of QuickBooks laptop you’re the use of).



  • QuickBooks enterprise: C:ProgramDataIntuitQuickBooks employer solutions 1X.0componentsolbbrandingfilist




  • Open the fiblueprint.xml document to check if the permissions are suitable.


  • If the fiblueprint.xml document couldn’t be accessed after double-clicking then you definitely need to restart the QuickBooks computer
  • If the record couldn’t be opened manually then you have to offer then user full get admission to to the C: ProgramData folder for the cutting-edge consumer.
  • proper-click on anywhere within the “files” folder.
  • visit properties > protection tab > Edit.
  • below the institution or person names phase, click on all of us.
  • Mark the entire manipulate container inside the permit
  • pick ok within the Edit window and alternatively click on ok in the properties window.
  • near QuickBooks after which restart your system




Observe: If you may set up a folder and windows access permissions for this folder then you will need to contact an IT expert or with their website hosting provider to replace those permissions.

Solution 2: fix Microsoft .net Framework, MSXML, And C++ issues using The QuickBooks installation Diagnostic tool

You need to repair Microsoft .internet Framework, MSXML, and C++ problems using the QuickBooks deploy Diagnostic tool

Solution 3: Reinstall QuickBooks For windows the use of easy setup

Uninstall the QuickBooks software through going into to control panel and then install the QuickBooks software the usage of easy deploy. If the error nevertheless persists then you could touch the QuickBooks help branch of Intuit.

Technical support For QuickBooks financial institution Feeds problems

The furnished strategies will help you put off the common machine Exception errors, gadget.Argument.Exception and gadget.TypeInitializationException that occurs when you work on QuickBooks computer bank Feeds. but, if you are still in the problem and the mistake is still around then we endorse you to get connected with the QuickBooks Customer Service variety to clear up the troubles that are happening on your QuickBooks software.

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