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Green tea drinks have been used by healthy-minded individuals around the world. This is down to its proven benefits in the human body. You can now wander down the high street and pick up bottled green teas or go to the supermarket and purchase a wide variety of dried green teas for you to prepare at home. One of the tastiest and health-giving green teas available today is Japanese tea called Sencha tea.

This beverage is really popular in Japan it is recognized by its rolled or curled shape which comes from the way it is processed and dried. The tea leaves are subjected to a steaming process before being rolled up, shaped correctly, and then dried out. This creates the curved shape that many people associate with this particular variety of tea. This method of preparing the leaves differs from green teas produced in other regions and has a lot to do with the delicious flavor that comes from Sencha tea.

Tea Drinks


if you are looking to buy Sencha tea Drinks you will hear terms like “first flush” and “second flush”. This actually becomes an advertising point for many Sencha tea suppliers because these flushes directly affect the flavoring and the actual color of the tea. The talk of different flushes comes from the fact that the tea plants used to make Sencha tea are harvested at different times of the year. In the East, it is often said that the most delicious teas come from the first flush of the year, so those teas will be sold as “first flush” teas.

All around the world you can find Sencha tea products being marketed with the first and second flush as major selling points. These early harvested tea leaves will produce a more golden green color and the delicious flavor for which Sencha has become appreciated for

Green teas like Sencha also have high amounts of polyphenols, which are known to be beneficial to the body. They work in conjunction with antioxidants to clear the body of the toxins that cause disease and to fight off deadly diseases including cancer.

The great thing about Sencha tea Drinks is that it’s completely natural and safe. You can drink Sencha tea in your home as many times as you like without the risk of dangerous side effects. This tea has a wonderful taste and can easily be purchased online from a variety of different manufacturers.

One supplier is Tava Tea, they have put Sencha in their unique formulation, and provide the ultimate health benefits that only a top-flight tea like Tava Tea can give.

Another great tea is Tibetan Baicao Tea. It is great for the immune system and detoxification.

Tibetan Baicao Tea can also help you lose weight as well. Overall just another solid choice when choosing a tea.

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